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Fakemon Sale - Rollercoaster Millipede SOLD by Razorshell
Fakemon Sale - Rollercoaster Millipede SOLD
This line was supposed to be entered in Steveo126's super ultra contest but I didn't have any time to color it so I've decided to sell it. The first one is very derpy (the contest theme was the Magikarp line) and it's based on bumper cars and beetles. The second one is based on extreme rollercoasters and dragon millipedes (check it out, it's very scary looking). I also wanted to show how the line progresses from a safe kiddie ride to an extreme one.

Whole line costs 110 points

This line now costs 50 points

Now owned by :iconkirakinn:

~ Bug/Flying
Based on bumper cars and beetles, also very clumsy.

 Xtrapede (Extreme + Millipede) ~ Bug/Dragon
Based on rollercoasters and dragon millipedes. It can also fly very fast.

(Recommended ability is levitate for Xtrapede)
Water Starter by Razorshell
Water Starter
Finally uploaded my water starters "woot-woot!" :D

7. Armarine ~ Water (Armadillo + Marine)

Species: Armadillo Pokemon
Ability: Torrent, Sheer Force (hidden)
Location: (Super Rare) Riptide Ruins

Description: "Found near beaches, a rolled-up Armarine can sometimes be mistaken for a beachball."

~~~~~ Lvl. 15 ~~~~~

8. Volletide ~ Water (Volley + Tide)

Species: Volley Pokemon
Ability:  Torrent, Sheer Force (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Armarine) 

Description: "It loves to create small tidal waves by cannon-balling into the water."

~~~~~ Lvl. 37 ~~~~~

9. Cannoblitz ~ Water/Fire (Cannon + Blitz)

Species: Cannonball Pokemon
Ability:  Torrent, Sheer Force (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Volletide)

Description: "This territorial pokemon is highly feared in oceans because of its ability to sink ships with its 'Cannon Crash' attack."

I know some of you might be confused on why I chose to make the final water/fire, but I just had to because it's never been done and it's also based on a cannonball. However, if you don't like it I will make up for it by making a set of secondary starters that are really cool (in summer maybe?). Btw before I get sidetracked, this line is based on armadillos, pangolins, beachballs, and cannonballs.

Cannon Crash

Power - 100
Accuracy - 100
PP - 10
Type - Water
Category - Physical

By rolling its body, the user creates a firey friction that explodes upon its foe. This may leave the target with a burn.

Reference Sheet: Water Starter Ref

Please DON'T use without my permission
Icy Slushie by Razorshell
Icy Slushie
A fakemon I got from Nachtbeirmann! Hopefully he loves the final stage I made for Snushie.

??. Snushie ~ Ice/Water (From Slushie)

Species: Slush Pokemon
Ability: *Defrost, Ice Body, Water Absorb (hidden)
Location: (Common) ???

Description: "As temperatures rise, it can suddenly melt into a puddle."

~~~~~ Lvl. 35 Female ~~~~~

??. Sorbliss ~ Ice/Water (Sorbet + Bliss)

Species: Slurry Pokemon
Ability:  *Defrost, Ice Body, Water Absorb (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Snushie) 

Description: "To protect itself from the heat, it freezes a coating of ice on its body to keep it cool."

Snushie is based on a slushy snowman while Sorbliss is based on halo-halo and a sundae sorbet.

Becomes pure water-type when hit by a fire move or sunny day.

Reference Sheet: Icy Slushie Ref

Snushie is designed by :iconnachtbeirmann:

Please DON'T use without my permission


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi there, I'm fairly new to this and I really enjoy drawing traditional art during my spare time. I have lots of creative ideas and I hope you enjoy my art! ~Razorshell

P.S. Sorry, I don't celebrate holidays

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