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Grass Starter by Razorshell
Grass Starter
I'm finally finishing up on my grass starter so I can work on the fire type next. ;p

1. Keurill ~ Grass (Kusabana + Fleur + Frill)

Species: Frillpetal Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow, Serene Grace (hidden)
Location: (Super Rare) Snaphelia Island

Description: "It can be very shy at first but when befriended, it will always give off a sweet aroma. It gets closer to evolution as its petals start to open."

~~~~~ Lvl. 16 ~~~~~

2. Kuriscent ~ Grass (Kusabana + Fleur + Scent)

Species: Floral Pokemon
Ability:  Overgrow, Serene Grace (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Keurill) 

Description: "A Kuriscent fights with graceful movements while utilizing its tail as a spear."

~~~~~ Lvl. 38 ~~~~~

3. Krysonum ~ Grass/Dragon (Chrysopelea + Antirrhinum)

Species: Full Bloom Pokemon
Ability:  Overgrow, Serene Grace (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Kuriscent)

Description: "Sometimes it can be seen gliding in the sky while a group of Kuriscent protect it. It always leaves a gentle fragrance wherever it goes."

This line was originally based on snapdragons, Amazonians, frilled lizards, and gliding snakes. The last stage is also somewhat based on an empress.

Blossom Burst

Power - 80
Accuracy - 100
PP - 10
Type - Grass
Category - Special

The user exhales a flower-scented flame that scorches the target. It may also leave the target with a burn.

Reference Sheet: Grass Starter Ref

Please DON'T use without my permission
Potion Jellies by Razorshell
Potion Jellies
My potion jellies are back! This time you get to see the whole family line. :meow:

39. Healie
 ~ Fairy/Water (Heal + Jelly)

Species: Potion Jelly Pokemon
Ability: Healer, Hydration, Regenerator (hidden)
Location: (Rare) Eastern Sea, ???

Description: "This pokemon is commonly found helping nurses on ships. Its special jelly is one of the main ingredients for potions."

~~~~~ Max Friendship ~~~~~

40. Jellixi ~ Fairy/Water (Jelly + Elixir+ Pixie)

Species: Health Pokemon
Ability: Healer, Hydration, Regenerator (hidden)
Location: (Rare) Eastern Sea, ???

Description: "Jellixi's sweet and caring nature moves it to help injured people and pokemon at sea."

~~~~~ Shiny Stone ~~~~~

41. Panasea ~ Fairy/Water (Panacea + Sea)

Species: Miracle Pokemon
Ability: Healer, Hydration, Regenerator (hidden)
Location: (Evolve from Jellixi)

Description: "The sparkling dew that flows from its hair is believed to be a miracle cure for all diseases and the key to a long life."

*Female Only Line

I was inspired by potions (chu jelly), immortal jellyfishes and nurses. The last stage's design was based on parasol ladies. 

Reference Sheet: Potion Jelly Ref

Enjoy! :3
Please DON'T use without my permission


Razorshell's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi there, I'm fairly new to this and I really enjoy drawing traditional art during my spare time. I have lots of creative ideas and I hope you enjoy my art! ~Razorshell

P.S. Sorry, I don't celebrate holidays

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I LOVE your art! Do you think I could get a design request?
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Thanks so much and thanks again for the watch! Saw your gallery and I liked your sprites. :D
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Razor chan i missed you :iconhappytearsplz:
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Senpai long time no see! :icononionx3plz:

Just saw your journal about college. Hopefully you'll get through your art block. And that paper blaziken looks sooo cool! You should post a sample of your work (I need to see it ^^) 

I'm back in school too buddy, which makes it hard for me to post anything on deviantart. I actually have one done now and I also drew them as a whole line on a single sheet (to finish more). You should keep an eye out for it, it's really cool and pretty to look at.
zerudez Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Time To Rise And Shine by Lunchwere 
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